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Mold Issues


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Mold is part of the natural process of decay and renewal. It will begin to digest nearly anything under the right conditions. Building materials offer appealing food.

The main requirement for mold growth is the presence of moisture for over 48 hours. If the water content in building materials reaches 19% for two days mold growth and decay will begin.

Molds can cause extreme health problems including death.

Testing for mold is not a usual part of a home inspection.  It may be identified along with a recommendation for further testing.  Mold Inspectors provide sampling of suspected areas and air quality testing that samples the air you breath and identifies molds and other pollutants. They can offer other kinds of mold testing as appropriate for the situation.   

Remediation for toxic mold conditions can run into many thousands of dollars, into the 5-figure range, depending on extent, location and areas of contamination.

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