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Lead Paint

Lead paint was prized for it's durability, looks and ease of care. This paint was often painted over becoming a hidden danger. Present standard dictate that all lead paint be removed. Special health concerns and the possibility of environmental pollution make removal expensive and time consuming.

Lead was used in plumbing until fairly recently. The word plumbing comes from the Latin for lead.  Lead solder or pipes in your fresh water system can leach the metal into the water posing a danger to drinkers.

In South Carolina and elsewhere, if your property was built prior to 1978, there is a good chance that any exiting original paint is lead-based.  This issue is specifically dealt with in the standard South Carolina Real Estate agreement of sale. 

Testing for lead is not a usual part of a home inspection. Home test kits are available at your local hardware store. An environmental hygienist, or lead remediator can be consulted for testing and removal.

Source: Inspection Perfection Inc.

Additional References:

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